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A lightweight framework for transparent cross platform communication of controller data in ambient assisted living environments


Elderly support Ambient Assisted Living environments are focal in healthcare computing. Critical to their implementation is transparent integration of diverse hardware and its ubiquitous communication with multiple software components. Modern controllers (Wii family, Microsoft Kinect, Neurosky Mindwave) are especially useful in elderly smart homes, being used, for healthcare monitoring and exercise gaming interventions. Presented herein is a novel Controller Application Communication (CAC) framework for cross device, application independent transmission of controller data to multiple software components. For the first time, a framework supports multiple modern controllers concurrently communicating with multiple, device naïve, requesting applications, utilizing standard, real time, internet communication technologies, as opposed to current practices which focus merely on one device.

The framework consists of uniform schemas for encapsulating controllers’ data and of services necessary for communicating these data to the requesting software components. The framework’s architecture is based on distributed computing principles, delegating server duties to use-site gateways for reducing main server load. This framework was utilized in the USEFIL project for simultaneous use of multiple controllers and sensors by different software components of the platform. The framework’s design principles align with the Internet of Things(IoT) paradigm. Future work, enriching this framework, aims to facilitate a more diverse controller set, adhering to an IoT architecture implementation, as well as, allowing on-demand online data streaming, thereby enabling interested parties to test algorithms with data from ecologically valid environments.

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Controller Devices
Realtime Streaming
Playback Datasets

Scenarios of use

Indoor tracking.

The user's position is tracked in the x-y axis

Indoor tracking.

The user's footprint in the ecologically valid environments

Indoor tracking.

The user's footprint in the ecologically valid environments


Introducing EEG devices (Emotiv, Mindwave to the Internet of Things domain

Living Lab

The Active & Healthy Aging Living Lab "AHALL" is the environment for the production of a variety of datasets as well as the initial evaluation of various approaches in different research domains. The AHALL has already supported the trial evaluation of some project. There, a number of seniors were visiting the Living Lab daily, performing a set of daily activities. Moreover, the seniors were asked to utilize a smart watch, a Smart TV, a Tablet, health measurement devices and a set of cognitive tasks on the Smart TV. Finally, the participants were undertaking an exergaming session (FitForAll) through a Smart TV. The AHALL set-up consisted of a living-room space, a bathroom-like space and a hall-kitchen space, all in the same room. Equipped with a set of contemporary ICT tools and devices, the AHALL supports its experienced personel's approaches and techniques. So far, a large number of Datasets have been produced.

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